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本文摘要:Twitter should take inspiration from Asian social media groups that convince users to pay for services rather than relying on advertising, the company’s revenue chief told the Financial Times.Twitter全球营收业务总裁亚当贝恩(Adam Bain)对英国《金融时报》回应,该公司应向亚洲的社交媒体企业那里汲取启发,劝说用户为服务收费,而不是全然依赖广告收益。

Twitter should take inspiration from Asian social media groups that convince users to pay for services rather than relying on advertising, the company’s revenue chief told the Financial Times.Twitter全球营收业务总裁亚当贝恩(Adam Bain)对英国《金融时报》回应,该公司应向亚洲的社交媒体企业那里汲取启发,劝说用户为服务收费,而不是全然依赖广告收益。Adam Bain said Twitter and the rest of the US internet sector could learn from the revenue model that has emerged in Asia, where products such as chat apps are used as platforms to sell everything from stickers to in-app games.贝恩认为,Twitter以及美国互联网行业的其他公司,不应自学亚洲地区经常出现的营收模式;在亚洲,聊天应用于等产品被用于电商平台,销售从贴到应用于内购得游戏等各种商品。But he stopped short of suggesting that Twitter itself was planning on rolling out paid features on its platform.但他并没具体回应,Twitter自身于是以计划在其平台上发售收费功能。


“The model of why people pay for certain features, in Korea and Japan – there’s a really good example for the rest of us to learn,” he said. “The way they’ve got consumers to pay for features and services is interesting, and something everybody in our space could learn from.”贝恩回应:“在韩国和日本,促成人们不愿为某些特色功能收费的业务模式,对于我们其他人来说是十分好的自学案例。他们更有消费者为其特色功能及服务收费的方式很有意思,美国互联网行业的所有企业都能从中学到点什么。”Twitter is expanding its advertising business outside the US. Although more than three-quarters of users are overseas, that segment only contributes about a quarter of the revenue.Twitter正在美国以外的市场扩展广告业务。

虽然该公司海外用户所占到比例多达四分之三,但这部分用户仅有为该公司带给了大约四分之一的收益。The nearly-eight-year-old company made the vast majority of its $665m in revenue last year from advertising, in the form of promoted tweets, accounts and trends, with a small contribution from selling Twitter data to partners. But it is reported to be working on incorporating e-commerce into the platform after hiring Nathan Hubbard, the former chief executive of Ticketmaster , to work for Mr Bain just before its initial public offering last autumn.Twitter正式成立现八年。

去年该公司收益6.65亿美元,绝大部分来自广告业务,主要形式还包括推展性质的tweet消息、账号以及热门话题,还有一小部分收益来自于向合作伙伴出售Twitter数据。Twitter在去年秋季首次公开发表IPO(IPO)之前,聘用了Ticketmaster前首席执行官内森哈伯德(Nathan Hubbard)在贝恩手下工作;有报导称之为,自那以来Twitter仍然致力于将电子商务划入其平台。Mr Bain has been travelling to learn about how marketers use the platform – and its rivals – and opening regional offices.贝恩近期仍然在四处公干,一方面理解市场营销人员用于Twitter和其竞争对手的情况,另一方面在成立一些地区办公室。While Twitter competes with Facebook for social media advertising spending across the world, in Asia it faces other rivals in the form of chat apps such as Tencent’s WeChat and the Japanese service Line. Snapchat, which Facebook tried to buy, according to two people familiar with the matter, has also said Tencent was a “role model” for the company.虽然Twitter与Facebook在全世界争夺战社交媒体广告业务,但在亚洲,Twitter还面对其他竞争对手,比如腾讯(Tencent)旗下的聊天应用于微信(WeChat)、以及日本的聊天应用于Line。

据两位知情人士透漏,Facebook曾企图并购的Snapchat也曾回应,腾讯是该公司的“自学榜样”。Facebook’s $19bn acquisition of WhatsApp last month underlined the value of chat apps and the importance for US social networks of further penetrating global markets.Facebook上月耗资190亿美元并购WhatsApp,凸显了聊天应用于的价值,以及更进一步渗入全球市场对美国社交网络企业的重要性。But Mr Bain said that even in Asia there was no service offering quite what Twitter did to advertisers. “Our view is that Twitter is live, public, conversational and distributed. The power of those things together no other platform is offering. There are things that are live but not public or conversational or distributed, or those that are public that aren’t live and conversational.”但贝恩回应,即便是在亚洲,也完全没什么服务能与Twitter获取给广告商的服务相匹敌。



有些产品是公开发表的,但却不动态、也不能对话。”Brian Wieser, an analyst at Pivotal Research, said there was no reason western consumers could not be convinced to pay for online services like those in Asia.Pivotal Research的分析师布赖恩威泽(Brian Wieser)回应,我们有理由指出,西方消费者能像亚洲消费者一样,被劝说为网络服务收费。



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